Meet your 6 Figure Travel Nurse Course Instructor

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OH HEY! I'm Sarah, the travel nurse bestie you didn't know you needed... until now.

After doing "all the research," picking the "right company" and landing the "perfect assignment"-- I was bamboozled. 

I ended up being the lowest paid traveler on the unit! Not to mention, all the other unexpected circumstances I ran into like housing disasters that left me homeless and failed negotiations that left me broke. The worst part is, all of these mistakes could have been prevented. But I just didn't know any better. SMH! 

This  is why I created the 6 figure travel nurse course, an all inclusive program designed to empower and educate nurses ready to take the leap.

As a masters prepared nurse who has helped develop and teach an innovative course that pushed nurses to achieve their career goals at the University of Texas at Arlington, this was a natural transition for me.
— Sarah Gaines, MSN, RNC-OB

As a travel nurse, I have the perfect combination of formal education and real life experience that has transformed into a course that's changing lives.

You will learn not only what to do but you will get the insider tips on exactly how I worked 9 months last year and still doubled my income.

I've traveled the world with friends and lived in other countries on my own. I've spent every holiday with my family. I'm no longer financially stressed. And I can't remember the last time I worked overtime. As a matter of fact, I've paid off my debts and am able to invest in myself and my future. 

If you're reading this and this sounds like the life you want to live, what's holding you back? 

Do you dream about being a travel nurse but you feel stuck? Are you burnt out or unhappy at your current job? Or maybe you're an experienced travel nurse who's struggling to find the right company or recruiter, confused when it comes to negotiating and unsure if you're truly maximizing you're income…

I have good news. This course was created to educate and empower nurses just like you for you.


But don’t take my word for it, hear what others have to say.

I’ve been stress free since I enrolled because now I have a mentor I can turn to for questions and help when I need it. Having that support makes a major difference.
— Porsha, ICU RN

Where do I even start? I have so many great things to say about Sarah and her course. It’s been life changing for me.

At first I tried travel nursing on my own because I thought it was easy. But after months of searching for a job, I couldn't find anything.

When I finally landed a job, it fell through last minute. That's when I decided to enroll in the course. 

Sarah has helped me on so many different levels by introducing me to the best / right people, to helping me find a place to live, to helping me schedule and get my PALS certification, to keeping me sane when I was giving up hope and crying on the phone because I couldn’t land a job.

In just a few weeks after enrolling in the course, I landed my dream job with 6 figure pay in a perfect unit in a great hospital.

After using your tips I felt so much more confident during my interview. I got the job plus I’m making $200 more a week!
— Jordan, Stepdown/PCU RN

After taking the advice from the course, I FINALLY was able to find a job in the city I wanted.

And after using the interview tips Sarah gave me, I felt so much more confident  during my interview. I was tired of working nights and dreamed of working at a clinic because of the great hours but I couldn't afford the pay cut.

BUT I got the job plus I'm making $200 more a week. Now I'm working day shift, no weekends or holidays at one of the best clinics in the state! 

OMG I couldn't be more excited. This job could not have been more perfect for me and it could not have come at a more perfect time.

I’m naturally an anxious person who needed ALL the details before jumping in and the course made everything less overwhelming.
— Taylor, Labor and delivery RN

There are some people who don't want/need the info and would rather trial and error it but the travel nurse course has a lot of valuable information that I don't think I would have found from a Google search.

It goes far beyond the basics, the negotiation strategies I learned actually helped me make $150 more a week so the course basically paid for itself.