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empowering nurses to live a lifestyle they love

Live workshop on May 11, 2019 at Emerald Health Services with:
Sarah Gaines (Travel Nurse)
Anthony Williams (Financial advisor)
Sheneya Wilson (Certified Public Accountant and CEO of Fola Financial)

what is financial freedom?

Becoming a 6 figure travel nurse is less about the money and more about maximizing your income to achieve financial freedom. Since I’ve reached financial freedom I’ve been able to:
✓ Pay off my debt in half the time (and build a savings account for emergencies)
✓ Finish my master’s degree while living in Costa Rica (paid for it cash too!)
✓ Finally vacation as long as I feel (without stressing about how much PTO I need)

what could financial freedom do for you?

Imagine having enough cash, savings, and investments on hand to afford the lifestyle you actually want to live. What would your life be like if you didn’t have to work overtime to make ends meet? You’d have the freedom to book that cheap flight you saw because you actually have money set aside for travel. You could further your education and finish that degree without straining your budget or pulling out even more loans. Or maybe you just want to spend a day at the spa, eat at your favorite restaurant and take some time off work without feeling guilty!

take control of your finances, don’t let your finances control you.

By the end of this live workshop, you’ll feel more comfortable making financial decisions with experts who are committed to empowering nurses through education and economics. This workshop has ended however I will be hosting more events with Emerald Health Services.

All of my events are currently SOLD OUT.

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Nurses Day Out Los Angeles!


Malibu Wine Safari & Brunch

✓Private nurses tour at Malibu Wine Safaris
✓Brunch over looking the ocean at Moonshadows restaurant
✓Luxury round trip transportation from Santa Monica to Malibu
✓End the day on the beach at the Santa Monica Pier
✓Nurse swag bag filled with goodies

April 14, 2019 (sold out/event ended)

An event curated by Nurses Travel Network, the ultimate luxury travel community for hard-working nurses who love to travel. Nurses Travel Network partners with Sarah Gaines to host boutique retreats offering the opportunity for nurses to connect with other nurses around the globe in luxury locations for the purpose of relaxation, pampering, mental, spiritual and professional development.

Sarah Gaines, the 6 Figure Travel Nurse

Sarah Gaines, the 6 Figure Travel Nurse


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